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Episode 23 New Mexico Territory

Episode 23 New Mexico Territory

Broadcast: 1935
Added: Feb 12 2013
Frontier FightersValiant guardians of trails old and new, which stand today as a great nations’ frontiers of destiny. Shortly after the United States in the interests of peace and progress renegades, outlaws and drink crazed Indians staged a rebellion against the southern federal authority.

In the summer of 1847 the first American Governor Charles Bent appointed by General Kearny was at Taos, home on a short visit. He refused a military escort because he believed himself immune from any attack because he had treated all fairly. With him were a few servants, his children; a girl aged 5 and a boy Alfredo aged 10 and Josefa, the wife of Kip Carson. At sundown on the day of the massacre a neighbour said to Governor Bent...