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Episode 19 No Escape

Episode 19 No Escape

Broadcast: 1946
Starring: Various
Added: Nov 02 2009

Considerable imagination enters in to the planning of the supposedly perfect murder. Considerable imagination is used so that time, place, alibi and evidence are dealt with conclusively. Yet the most important piece of evidence that can expose the murderer and his crime is most often left intact, his imagination, his mind.

It is eight o’clock on a foggy April evening. Paul Perry in his penthouse apartment overlooking a backyard of rubbish and East River is very busy tonight planning murder, simple murder. First he prepares his props, a chair is in the way and then a table obscures the path just a little and that floor lamp might be broke and turned over in his rush to the window. The window through which Paul Perry will fling his wife and watch her fall sixteen floors to the yard below, simple and final murder...