Cinnamon Bear
Episode 18

Episode 18

Broadcast: Not Known
Added: Oct 19 2010

Mike Tanner a Border Patrol Officer had suspected for a long time that someone on the American side of the Mexican American border was operating a wholesale smuggling ring, guaranteeing to get any Mexican in to the country and get them a job at a price, because this operator knew where the border patrol was at any given time and they were undermanned making his smuggling job easy.

A week ago four corpses had been found in a place called Dead Horse Canyon all shot with a 30/30 special. Mike knew that originally there were five in that group and one was a member of his patrol who’d gone below the border and set him self up as a labourer who wanted to get in to the USA. Apparently the American contact got suspicious and decided to kill all five other than take chances. The American got away and escaped back in to Mexico. However yesterday he was murdered and now Mike discovered his body in the back of Chuck Morgan’s car as he and Carol returned from a trip in Mexico.