Episode 025 - Captain Tintop

Episode 025 - Captain Tintop

Broadcast: December 23, 1937
Starring: Buddy Duncan
Added: Jun 13 2001
Exciting things are happening in the snow country, where Judy and Jimmy and their friends the Cinnamon Bear and the Crazy Quilt Dragon are visiting with Santa Claus. You will remember that Santa ordered Captain Tintop and a detachment of tin soldiers to the icicle forest to battle the bad dolls who stole the silver star. Reports came back from the front that the enemy was being led by a strange unknown creature. A maybegram, from Queen Melissa, flashed the news that the Winter Green Witch had escaped from her prison in Maybeland. Confident that Winter Green was leading the culprits, Santa rushed more men to the scene of the battle. Then, just as we left them last time, Nicky Frootle bounded in to announce that the soldiers had returned, victorious...