Episode 020 - Flying Hat

Episode 020 - Flying Hat

Broadcast: December 18, 1937
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and Judy and Jimmy and their friends are still a long way from getting the Silver Star mended. Queen Melissa’s last instructions directed them to the Golden Grove where they were supposed to find a most valuable clue underneath the Singing Tree. No sooner had they entered the Grove and started to look for the tree than right out of nowhere jumped that wicked old Wintergreen Witch. If only Judy hadn’t given her looking glass to Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer, the wooden Indian, she might have held it in front of the witches face and scared her like she did on the island of Obi. But when Wintergreen learnt that Judy no longer had the dreadful looking glass she decided to change the twins and Cinnamon Bear and the Crazy guilt dragon into bull frogs. And it looks like nothing in the world or Maybe land can stop her she just laughs and laughs and laughs.