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Episode 01

Episode 01

Broadcast: Unknown
Added: Sep 14 2008
You know right now just about every large American city has a threat of communism. It’s an insidious thing dangerous and a little bit frightening. In some cities it’s worse than others. In Los Angeles where Chuck Morgan works as a newscaster on radio station KLP they feel that the threat is more than frightening, it’s a menace that must be stamped out if their way of life is to survive. Most any day you can turn the dial on your radio or pick up a newspaper and read that the committee of un-American Activities is investigating some well-known Hollywood celebrity. It gives you a queer feeling when you see those familiar names. You wonder who’s going to be next and why and you find yourself groping for an answer to this disease that is doing its best to undermine Americanism. Those were the thoughts that were running through Chuck’s mind when he came in to his office a few weeks ago and found the script for his seven o’clock broadcast lying on his desk. He read it through and got a jolt that set him back on his heels.