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Ed and Leah Refuse to Tell (0955)

Ed and Leah Refuse to Tell (0955)

Broadcast: 14th May 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Aug 25 2003
There’s nothing very dramatic about the sight of a plump plain looking woman walking down a sunny Carolina street towards the end of a hot spring day. But the woman is Molly Goldberg and although she is outwardly composed inwardly Molly is in turmoil of anxiety and confusion. She’s on her way now to see Ed Sylivia’s brother-in-law perhaps he can help her get to the bottom of the trouble between Sammy and Sylvia. Meanwhile Sammy and Jake are at the Allison’s and Sammy has just confided to his father the real reason why he broke his engagement and left town so hurriedly.