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Ed Will Tell All (0953)

Ed Will Tell All (0953)

Broadcast: 12th May 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Aug 18 2003
Sylvia Allison’s ruthless determination to let nothing stand in the way of her marriage to Sammy has almost wrecked the happiness of two families. Now that Sammy has returned to her Sylvia feels a new sense of security and power. It will be a simple matter she thinks to wind Sammy round her little finger again and as for the Goldbergs, they seem to have accepted her garbled message as to why Sammy left town. However Sylvia is actually in a dangerous position because she is reckoning without Molly. For Molly knows instinctively that Sammy is unhappy and needs her help and although Sammy has not yet confided in her she’s made up her mind to get to the bottom of the trouble. Now Molly is phoning Ed, Sylvia’s brother in law. Perhaps he can throw some light on the situation…