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Easter Show

Easter Show

Broadcast: 17th April 1949
Added: Apr 03 2010
Another year, another Easter with its joyful reaffirmations of man’s hope, its traditions, observances and customs. Like many other families the Nelson’s of 1847 Rodgers Road have a few customs of their own. Each year on the night before Easter Harriet remarks, “You know Easter sunrise services must be beautiful, I’d like to go sometime.” However this year they are actually going to go. Harriett and Ozzie are each worried about getting up at 4.00am to get there on time so Harriett decides that after Nelson is asleep she’ll set the clock an hour forward so that they have 2 hours to get ready. However Nelson has the same idea and also sets the clock ahead an hour. There’s certainly no danger of them not getting there on time!