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Early To Death

Early To Death

Broadcast: 12th April 1951
Added: Apr 09 2009
Early To Death is a story of murder and greed. Ben is a co-pilot on a plane and he and his partner Evie call in that their plane is in trouble. But the plane wasn’t in trouble, it was carrying the company’s payroll and the two of them jumped from the plane with the money and took it as they had planned and buried it in the mountain where they planned to leave it until things had died down. A few days later they strolled in to a nearby town like two plane crash survivors. They knew there would be questions to answer but they had rehearsed for this over the year. When the wreckage was found it was assumed that the money had burnt in it. It seemed that they were clear and all they had to do was wait but then a guy named Ricko Sebastian turned up claiming that he had seen them bury the money in the mountains…