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Dunwich Horror, The

Dunwich Horror, The

Broadcast: 1st November 1945
Starring: Ronald Colman
Added: Oct 31 2005

The dogs of old Dunwich village have been barking for three days and three nights and the horror to which their barking portents, this unbelievable horror must be made believable to you and must occur tonight the eve of old Hallows for tomorrow it will be too lateā€¦

The story begins with the birth of Wilbur Whitley. It was the night of February the 2nd 1921 toward dawn when Lavinia Whitley a deformed albino woman about 35 years old gave birth to her dark gawkish looking son in the crumbling Whitley farmhouse north east of the village. No one attended her; no one was with her except her aged half insane father who was known as Wizard Whitley so who knows what incantations Wilbur came in to this world to.

For your enjoyment this recording has been edited of its glitches by RUSC member William McCullough.