Broadcast: 29th March 1937
Added: Feb 21 2010

Dulcy is remarkable not only for its comedy but because it was the first conspicuous success of George S Kaufman and Marc Connelly as writers. p>Mrs Dulcinea Smith “Dulcy” is an ambitious but feather‐brained young lady given to spouting cliches and getting her husband, Gordon, into jams whenever she attempts to help him out. Since Gordon is about to merge his business with that of C. Rogers Forbes (Wallis Clark), Dulcy invites the Forbeses and their daughter Angela (Norma Lee) for a weekend. She also invites the scenario writer Vincent Leach (Howard Lindsay), who is in love with Angela; her brother, Bill Holloway and a rich young man she has met at a party, Schuyler Van Dyck. She manages to irritate Mr. Forbes by encouraging Angela and Vincent to elope and by having Schuyler offer to support Gordon in a venture in opposition to Mr. Forbes. But Blair Patterson arrives, announcing that Schuyler is actually simply a harmless madman who thinks he is rich. Luckily for Dulcy, Forbes sees Patterson, who is an attorney for the real Van Dycks, and offers Gordon an even better deal than he did at first. And then it is discovered that Angela eloped not with Vincent, but with Bill. Though things have turned out well, Dulcy promises never again to meddle. After all, “A burnt child dreads the fire. Once bitten—”

Produced and direceted by Cecil B. DeMille