Don Gordon

Show Count: 16
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: November 13, 1926, Los Angeles, California, USA

Don Gordon (born November 13, 1926) is an American film and television actor. He is sometimes billed as Donald Gordon.

Life and career 

Gordon was born in Los Angeles, California, as Donald Walter Guadagno.

His most notable film roles were those in which he appeared alongside his friend Steve McQueen -- Bullitt, Papillon and The Towering Inferno. Earlier, he had twice guest starred on McQueen's CBS western series, Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Gordon appeared in the 1959 episode "In a Deadly Fashion" of the syndicated television series Border Patrol, starring Richard Webb. He also guest starred in John Bromfield's syndicated crime drama, U.S. Marshal.

In 1962, Gordon was nominated for one Primetime Emmy Award for his role as Joey Tassili on CBS's legal drama, The Defenders, starring E.G. Marshall.

Another early appearance from Gordon was in a memorable supporting role in CBS's The Twilight Zone episodes "The Four of Us Are Dying" and "The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross."

In the 1960-1961 season, Gordon was a cast member of the syndicated series, The Blue Angels, with co-stars Dennis Cross, Warner Jones, Morgan Jones, and Mike Galloway, based on the elite precision flight demonstration pilots of the United States Navy Blue Angels.

In 1963, Gordon appeared in the episode "Without Wheat, There is No Bread" of the CBS anthology series, The Lloyd Bridges Show. That same year, he appeared on NBC'smedical drama, The Eleventh Hour. In the 1963-1964 season, he played a soldier returning from South Vietnam in the ABC drama Channing, set on the fictitious Channing College campus and co-starring Jason Evers and Henry Jones.

Still another 1963 performance was as Quinn Serrato, with Harry Dean Stanton as Nick Crider and William Schallert as Sully Mason, in the episode "Nobody Dies on Saturday" of the NBC modern western series, Empire, starring Richard Egan as the New Mexico rancher Jim Redigo.

His other science-fiction roles were on episodes of The Outer Limits entitled "The Invisibles" and "Second Chance." In 1974, he played a former convict, who is murdered by the character played by Dick Van Dyke in the Columbo episode "Negative Reaction", starring Peter Falk.

In 1981, Gordon played the assistant of the Antichrist Damien Thorn in Omen III: The Final Conflict. He had a bit part as a police officer in Lethal Weapon, starring Mel Gibson andDanny Glover. In 1983, he appeared on CBS's The Dukes Of Hazzard as hit man Frank Scanlon, in the sixth season episode "Enos' Last Chance".

Gordon's last credited film work was the 2005 documentary, Steve McQueen – The Essence of Cool. Gordon was interviewed along with several others who had worked with McQueen, including Robert Culp, Robert Vaughn, Eli Wallach, Martin Landau, and Lord Attenborough.

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