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Docs Showdown

Docs Showdown

Broadcast: 12th October 1958
Added: Sep 19 2009

That morning before riding off to tell them he was through Lemmy told his mother she wouldn’t have to worry about him riding off anymore. But Lemmy was shot in the back and sent home slumped over his horse. There was barely a sign of life in him when the Doc arrived. The Doc was unable to save him and Lemmy died before he could say who had done this to him. Later talking to Matt Doc suggests that they put it around that Lemmy had told Doc who had shot him in the hope that it would flush the killer out but Matt wouldn’t hear any of it saying Doc would be a target too.

NOTE: the commercials have not been removed by me. I would never remove a commercial as I feel they are an integral part of the shows and of historical interest. If you have a copy of this or other Gunsmoke episodes with the commercials that we do not I would love to hear from you.