Disintigrating Family (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)

Disintigrating Family (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)

Broadcast: 20th April 1947
Added: Jul 22 2012

Host: Barry Fitgerald

It’s a beautiful day and Ozzie is on his way home from a morning work to spend the afternoon with his kids but the kids have their own plans for the afternoon. David is going to see the seals with some of his friends, and Ricky is going to the city auditorium to see some television broadcast. Then his neighbor Barney calls round and is surprised that they are not all going to the baseball game together. Ozzie tries to convince himself that it’s good that his kids want to do educational things rather than go to the game. Even Harriet has other things to do. However the only thing that is disintegrating in the Nelson family is communication when it turns out they all really want to go to the game together.