Disintegrating Family

Disintegrating Family

Broadcast: April 20, 1947
Added: May 17 2020

As a rule, Ozzie Nelson of 1847 Rogers Road is a pretty easy going fellow. He doesn't get excited and fly off the handle at every little thing that goes wrong, it's just now and then that Ozzie's temper gets the best of him. Like that time he was standing downtown waiting for a bus. Waiting and waiting and waiting. You can't blame him for getting hot under the collar, who wouldn't?

When a man at the bus stop tells Ozzie that the trouble with the modern average family is it’s disintegrating and then puts the idea in his head that a father is necessary to pay the bills but has little in common with his family he starts to believe it!

Ozzie thinks that none of his family wants to spend time with him as this Saturday afternoon they are all too busy with their own plans. He thinks that they would all rather do something else than go to the ball game with him. But as it turns out all of their plans involve going to the ball game!

This episode was featured on Family Theater on September 9th, 1948.