RUSC Radio - 4th July


Broadcast: June 25th 1950
Added: Nov 04 2013

For Rocky Jordan, owner of the Cafe Tambourine in Cairo, the night was shaping up bad for business and good for trouble thanks to a couple of burly white robed natives planted right outside the Cafe Tambourine door, fet apart, arms folded waiting. For what they wouldn't say and he couldn't get rid of them the nervus customers were soon gone and no more came in. It was empty now except for the attractive American blond woman in the booth at the far side with the six-year old dark haired, dark eyed girl. The woman said she had an errand to run and left the little girl Nina with Jordan in his cafe. Shortly after, the two burly men entered the cafe and took the sleeping girl telling Jordan to forget the whole business. Why had they kidnapped the girl and where was the girls mother? Rocky Jordan intended to get to the bottom of this.