RUSC Radio - 4th July
Dick Brennan Steals $5000 or $50000

Dick Brennan Steals $5000 or $50000

Broadcast: May 31, 1950
Added: Jun 06 2009
Dan Brennan lived on a farm with his grandparents in Dr Kildare’s hometown. Dr Kildare remembers Dick’s grandfather well as he made him his first sled when he was a child. Now age 20 Dick fed up with the farm came down in to town to look for a job and was now desperately in need of money. He replied to a help wanted ad at an import comany but when he arrived at the offices no one was there but the safe was open and a wad of money in full view. Without thinking Dan took the money and now not knowing whom to turn to goes to Dr Kildare for help. Dr Kildare takes the money back to the offices and police captain Daggert is there. He tells him he is returning the $5000 but the captain tells him that it was in fact $50,000 that was stolen in a gunpoint stick-up. Dr Kildare suspects that Mr Kessel from the import company is not telling the whole truth.