Devil Doctor, The Part 1 & Rat In A Trap Part 2 (unrelated)

Devil Doctor, The Part 1 & Rat In A Trap Part 2 (unrelated)

Broadcast: 19th February 1937
Starring: Miriam Wolfe
Added: Nov 03 2006

Hartley Manor is a big old handsome house, which Mr Dutters and his daughter have recently moved in to. They were told that within it were 106 portraits of the ancestors of the Decasserat family that had lived in the house but could only count 105. Then Mr Roberts the headman of the church showed them where the missing portrait was hung, hidden behind a secret panel over 300 years ago after its subject died because he had been one of the most infamous monsters who had ever lived and was now known as the Devil Doctor.

NOTE: This story seems to be a 2 part tale. The story ends after 13:42 minutes as a skeleton is rising out of the unsealed tomb. The next story appears to be the second half of another Witch's Tale show Rat In A Trap about a crooked lawyer who gets a criminal off only to punish the felon himself. The Complete version of Rat In A Trap can be heard at:

You can also now hear the complete 30-minute version of Devil Doctor on RUSC.