Defense Rests, The

Defense Rests, The

Broadcast: 6th October 1949
Starring: Van Johnson
Added: Aug 28 2008
Robert Tasker is on trial charged on the indictment of murder in the first degree. Robert Tasker cannot help thinking that if it wasn’t for his lawyer Mr Craiger he wouldn’t be here yet the irony is that his lawyer was the only friend he’d ever had in the whole world. Tasker was an ex-con sentenced to ten years. While in prison he began writing stories and submitted one to a magazine. Mr Craiger happened to read it and contacted Tasker and later won him parole. Once free Craiger offered Robert a job, as he needed a clerk in his office. Craiger advised him not to hold any grudges but Tasker told him there was just one man he hated, Arthur Hines. Craiger told him that Hines was just the DA doing his job and had nothing against Tasker. And then he told him that Arthur Hines was his new partner and Tasker would be working along side him…