Death Rides a Broomstick

Death Rides a Broomstick

Broadcast: 02 March 1941
Starring: Bret Morrison
Added: Jun 13 2001

The story starts over two hundred years ago in the Scottish Highlands. The year is 1741 and a witch trial is in progress. Sitting as judge is the head of the McCavery clan. Before being executed the cackling witch puts a curse on the McCavery clan. The curse said that in the second month of the second century two hundred years on a terrible end would come to all the males of the clan. Now, two hundred years later, the curse has come back to haunt them. First Tom McCavery dies as sea. Then Donald McCavery is murdered by a shot from the gun of his brother, James McCavery. James stands trial for his brothers murder, a murder he did not commit, sent to the state penitentiary and sentenced to life imprisonment. Only one person can help get to the bottom of this mysterious case.

IMPORTANT WARNING: At approximately 21.18 minutes to 24 minutes there is an echo that is severe enough that the story line is lost.