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Death Bed Caper, The

Death Bed Caper, The

Broadcast: 20th June 1948
Added: Jan 23 2009
Sam Spade was present at two dying declarations and who could believe that man could say something that wasn’t true at a time like that? Dan Starbuck Contacted Sam Spade to meet him as his brother was on his boat dying. When he dies Dan thought they might say it was murder and was worried that it would be him that was accused of murder, as he and his brother had hated each other for years. Two nights ago they had both been drinking and had gotten in to a fight. Dan couldn’t remember what happened next except it was midnight and he was covered in blood and his brother was laid in his boat cabin with his head all kicked. Dan wanted Spade to be there as a witness in case his brother gave a statement to clear him before he died