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David Crockett

David Crockett

Broadcast: May 19, 1941
Added: Aug 07 2014

Today's story is about a man named Davy Crockett, part history and part legend. He, and men like him, gave their lives to build this nation where once the winds were lonely, and the earth silent. Tucked away in a pleasant corner of space. Away where time has no meaning, there's a part of the promised land, reserved for Americans, where all comers are allowed to wander where they want. Everywhere that is, except this one cloud, on which there is a sign which says 'Reserved', and another saying 'Only Legends Allowed Here'. That's the cloud where John Henry lives, and Paul Bunyan, Huckleberry Finn and Pecos Bill and Daniel Boone, and recently, Davy Crockett climbed aboard this cloud. He had a hard job getting there though!