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Dark Waters

Dark Waters

Broadcast: 27th November 1944
Added: Dec 05 2008
Dark Waters is a story of a strong love haunted by a strange fear, a story that’s full of excitement and suspense. Merle Oberon stars in her original 1944 screen Role as Leslie Calvin, Preston Foster as George Grover and Thomas Mitchell in his original screen role as Mr Sydney.

Leslie Calvin was one of four survivors on board a torpedoed steamship in which 500 people died. She was rescued and brought to hospital in New Orleans and after two months she leaves to stay with her distant aunt in Louisiana. On the way she meets the kind George Grover who helps her find her way to her aunts and visits her every day. When she gets there they have a guest staying with them, Mr Sydney and as the stories moves on Leslie discovers that Mr Sydney is not the loyal family friend he potrays.