Dark Victory

Dark Victory

Broadcast: 15th February 1951
Added: May 06 2006

Anne King has been in the employ of Judith Traherne for several years as her confidential and social secretary and has become her best friend. Judith is carefree, independent, bright and wealthy with no serious love affair, no serious problem and above all no serious fear until the day she fell from her horse and complained of a severe headache. When Dr. Frederick Steele first meets her he finds her to be a strong headed obstinate woman but undeterred and with his desire to help her he diagnoses a glioma brain tumor and operates. As he gets to know her they fall in love but the prognosis is negative.

Call me sentimental but this story had me in tears. Make sure you have the Kleenex nearby! Joy@rusc.

Director: Edmund Goulding