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Dark Of The Moon

Dark Of The Moon

Broadcast: 3rd November 1941
Starring: Brace Beemer, John Todd
Added: Nov 24 2008

During the years of the unrest, the fall of the civil war a powerful secret organization called the Legion of the Black Arrows sprang up in the Western United States. Its members were to be found everywhere defying the law and using the law for their own purposes working toward the ultimate goal of revolt and the foundation of a despotic empire. It was the masked rider of the plains who led the fight against this band of outlaws and traitors and for once his great strength and courage, his daring and resourcefulness were taxed to the utmost in the cause of democracy…

With the help of an imitation of Chief Thundercloud’s magic belt and a renegade Indian called Tomahawk the Black Arrows plan to arise the Indians against the white settlers and capture For Lariat…