Couple Next Door, The

Couple Next Door, The

The Couple Next Door tells the story of an average small-town American couple and their family. Originally played by Olan Soulé and Elinor Harriet, the leading couple were revived many years later (1957) by Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce. Throughout the second run, the couple are known only as “dear” to one another and are never actually named, although they’re actually the characters that appeared in the Ethel and Albert show in the early 1940s.

Essentially, the show reprised Ethel and Albert. The new name was necessitated because Lynch had long since lost the rights to the original title. The CBS iteration was named "Best Daytime Radio Program" for 1959 by The National Association for Better Radio and Television.

Broadcast: April 4, 1958
Added: Apr 13 2018