Clark Ames Case, The

Clark Ames Case, The

Broadcast: 21st February 1946
Starring: Dick Powell
Added: Nov 16 2003
Richard Rogue never goes round looking for trouble but it seems that trouble always finds him. Take that afternoon a few months ago when he walked into the press room at the hall of justice and found among others Clark Ames the young city hall reporter for the Chronicle expounding on his favorite subject, a deep hatred for a man named Fred Curtis nicknamed the Alibi Master. Ames and the other newspapermen had watched Curtis win acquittals for a dozen different clients and always with the same ruse, unbreakable alibis. This made the clients very happy and the district attorney very miserable. The Chronicle, the crusading newspaper had at the instigation of Clark Ames been running an anti Curtis campaign bordering pretty close on libel and Curtis hated Ames with a passion. Curtis had won the last round and Clark Ames was telling Richard Rogue about it…