Christmas by Injunction

Christmas by Injunction

Broadcast: December 21, 1941
Added: Dec 19 2021

This is his heartwarming tale of Christmas written by O. Henry set in the camps of the young west. To the reader of short stories, author O. henry needs no introduction. No one knew better than he the art of holding his reader in suspense and then with a last few words revealing his plot in its entirety and this story is no exception.

When Cherokee stuck gold he never forgot his friends in Yellow Hammer. He had it in his heart to come back on a red sleigh as Santa Claus to make the children of Yellow Hammer happy but there were no children in Yellow Hammer, not a single kid. Not wanting to dampen Cherokee's enthusiasm his friends set off to find at least one child who could be the recipient of his goodwill but find it difficult to find any parents prepared to loan out their children on Christmas day. When finally they find one single hardworking mother whose wayward child Bobby is learning bad habits from the men she agrees to let him go as it'll be the only Christmas he gets. But 11 year old Bobby is a tough kid who doesn't believe in Santa. Well as said above you will have to listen to the end for the unexpected ending.