Christmas For Carole

Christmas For Carole

Broadcast: December 21, 1950
Added: Dec 21 2009

It was dark and silent. The window in the house glinted a little from the Christmas tree lights. An old couple have been out for the evening. Earlier that day the old gentleman had drawn $8000 from the bank where Paul worked. Paul got in touch with Rocky Correa a wanted criminal to break into their house and steal the money. Paul just wanted the money fast and to get away but Rocky wanted to wait for the old couple to return and see if there was any more money they could steal. Paul (Dennis Day) didn't want to hurt anyone he just needs money to pay for a nurse, $50 a week, for his sick wife who was expecting their first child. He just wanted his family to have a nice Christmas.

This is a very different role for Denis Day but one he performs very well. He does sing the First Noel very beautifully at the end.