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Christmas Bonus (Repeat)

Christmas Bonus (Repeat)

Broadcast: 21st December 1952
Added: Dec 24 2012

NOTE: Announcer MISTAKENLY gives the program title as: "LIE OR CONSEQUENCES". This is definitely CHRISTMAS BONUS!

Within the human character the line between good and evil is a thin wavy one and very often the one small impulse for good will outweigh and nullify the bad. Such was the case with Michael Carr. Mike wasn’t bad really it happened while he was a kid before he knew any better. He’d gotten in trouble, gone to prison, served a stretch, now he’s out and he’s learnt his lesson. He’s proving that, he’s going straight working hard at his job in the office of a large department store. He’s married to a girl he loves and he’s happy…

Announcer: Bob Anderson