Christmas 1948  Edmund Gwenn As Santa Claus

Christmas 1948 Edmund Gwenn As Santa Claus

Broadcast: December 25, 1948
Added: Dec 25 2022

Edmund Gwen stars as Santa Claus and Host of the show interacting with Announcer ken Carpenter and all the amazing fabulous guests on this special Christmas show from 1948. 

A fantastic show for Christmas, Cass Daley is the first performer singing Together. Then comedian Jerry Colonna asks appears in a sketch with Ken Carpenter getting him a job as Santa Claus in a department store. Frank Nelson is the manager of the store. Walter Tetley is one of the kids coming to see Santa. There's lots of fun and entertainment. Harry Babbitt sings I Remember Mama. The inimitable Mel Blanc turns up for a chat. The Pied Pipers sing 'S Wonderful. Through the words of a distinguished Hollywood cast with Donald Crisp as narrator you will hear the wonderful Christmas story called story called This One Brief Moment, set on Christmas Eve in Antwerp in Belgium, Europe it is the story of a boy, a dog and a dream that did not fade but lives today as proof that faith and charity did not die. It is very moving and concludes that Christmas shows us where peace and goodwill can be found in the faith and innocence of children untouched by selfishness or prejudices. There are some beautiful carols at the end of the story. 

The show finishes with the whole cast and audience singing Jingle Bells.