RUSC Radio - 4th July
Cheer Up Liza

Cheer Up Liza

Broadcast: 1917
Added: Nov 10 2018

Cheer up! We’re off today,
Cheer up! While I’m away,
Take care of “Time Square”
and eve’ry spot along Broadway.
Cheer up! Eliza, do,
Soon I’ll be back to you,
There’s a little job that must be done,
and doing it will just be fun.

So it’s cheer up!
‘Liza, I’ll be a whole lot wiser,
and I’ll come back soon
so don’t you care.
I’m a kid you must admit,
and I’ll love to do my bit,
For they need me over there.
So it’s cheer up!
‘Liza, I’ going to “can” the Kaiser,
And that’s all I have got to do.
Oh! I don’t mean to brag,
But I’ll grab a foreign flag