RUSC Radio - 4th July
Chase and Sanborn Hour - Joan Blondell

Chase and Sanborn Hour - Joan Blondell

Broadcast: 13th June 1937
Added: Jul 28 2013

Don Ameche hosts the show and introduces one of the screens most delightful comediennes, Miss Joan Blondell. Also appearing tonight from the musical world Dick Rodgers and Larry Hart. Werner Janssen america's foremost conductor leads his orchestra with a top tune of the day, That Foolish Feeling.

Going with the wind his top hat clamped on to his red head and his monocle screwed in his right eye Charlie McCarthy is about two jumps ahead of the truant officer and only two and a half  jumps ahead of a spanking but nobody would risk hand spanking Charlie even if he is only made of soft pine. But it's a safe bet Edgar Bergen can talk Charlie out of any spot because it is really Edgar who puts the words in Charlie's mouth!