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Chase After Killer Kane, The - Episode 5

Chase After Killer Kane, The - Episode 5

Broadcast: 1939
Starring: Carl Frank
Added: Oct 14 2004
Far from earth in the great void of outer space out near the orbit of the planet Pluto, Buck, Wilma and Dr Huer once discovered the Black Planetoids, small heavenly bodies made of a substance witch absorbs life to such a degree it reflects none. Planetoids that are virtually invisible that exists in a state of perpetual darkness. On one of these strange little worlds a powerful floodlight would illuminate only a tiny area because of the lack of reflection. And that’s why Killer Kane and Ardala seeking to escape from our friends in a super rocket plane, roared onward through space and finally landed on one of the black Planetoids. The spaceship of Buck, Wilma and Dr Huer, badly disabled in the course of its flight streaked downward in to the planetoids tremendous gravitational area until finally it crashed…

NOTE: We only have 5 episodes of this story and it appears to be incomplete. I am not sure that there are any more in existence. If you do have any of the follow-up episodes please e-mail me at Thanks