Channel Wing Plane #13 The

Channel Wing Plane #13 The

Broadcast: September 12, 1947
Added: Jul 30 2020

Before the story begins there is a brief history of the Army Air Forces. In the interval you will learn about the supersonic airship  known as the Bell XS-1.

Hop Harrigan, Tank Tinker and young Christopher set off to fly south to Yucatan to find the abandoned city so they can take photos of the wall and hopefully discover what was on the missing papers.









The Channel Wing Plane". Sustaining. The program has a brief history of the Army Air Forces and the Bell XS-1. Hop, Tank and Christopher are flying south to the Yucatan, via Fort Worth. The weather's getting rough. The system cue has been deleted. Albert Aley, Ken Lynch, Glenn Riggs (announcer).