Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street

Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street

Several top stars, including Dinah Shore and Zero Mostel, made their debut into the world of entertainment through this weird and wonderful radio show. Other well known artistes who guested on the show included Earl Hines, Lena Horne, Jack and Charlie Teagarden, Harry James and many more.

Gene Hamilton was the host who usually made a grandiose job of introducing the various participants of this musical extravaganza.

It’s quite interesting to note that, whilst this show never attracted top line audience figures it was extremely well thought of by a large percentage of the listening population who were quite willing to stand up and be counted at the mere suggestion by the network that they were thinking of axing the show because of poor ratings.

Broadcast: 5th May 1940
Starring: Benny Carter
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Broadcast: May 5, 1940
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Broadcast: 23rd June 1940
Starring: Bobby Hackett
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Broadcast: 14th July 1940
Starring: Various
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Broadcast: 17th February 1941
Starring: Gene Hamilton
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Broadcast: 26th May 1941
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