Case Of The Larcenous Lark, The

Case Of The Larcenous Lark, The

Broadcast: 23rd August 1950
Starring: Les Damon
Added: Jan 15 2010
Rex Elber is a music composer who has been killed. His agent Vic Hallerin discovered his body and fears that he will be accused of his death as they frequently had run-ins over work. Rex’s nagging dame Rita is also a suspect but she points the finger at his business manager George Watkins. Watkins had an appointment today to check over Rex’s affairs and Watkins had stolen $5000 to pay off part of his own gambling debt to casino owner Kessler and was about to be found out by Rex. Kessler was also putting pressure on Watkins to pay up. Would this make Watkins take the desperate measure of murder?