Case Of The Faded Rose

Case Of The Faded Rose

Broadcast: July 6, 1953
Starring: Les Damon
Added: Nov 27 2021

Phil Stacey is a private detective with a private watchman named Tony Marino. He's working for Carol Ford to find her sister Nancy. When they turn up at Nancy's house she kills her self and Phil Stacey has to tell tell Carol. He tells her that she'd been let down by a man named Duke Mantell. Carol Ford calls Mantell and dupes him in to meeting her that night. Before that Stacey turns up at Mantell's and demands $500 for information that will save his life. Mantell sends him packing and heads over to Mike Waring's, aka the Falcon. Mantell tells The Falcon that he is being blackmailed by a woman who has demanded he meet her that evening and pay over $1000. Mike Waring pretending to be Duke Mantell turns up to meet Carol Ford in his place and she tells him she is no blackmailer and has come for only one thing. At that moment a shot is fired and Mike Waring almost ends up dead. The shot didn't come from Carol Ford so who wanted to kill Duke Mantell. The Falcon is going to find out and he starts by confronting Mantell for using him as a fall guy.