Case Of Monsieur Valdemar, The

Case Of Monsieur Valdemar, The

Broadcast: 8th April 1945
Added: Aug 03 2013
Monsieur Valdemar desperately seeks the expertise of a medical hypnotist for the sake of his dying wife Maria... and the rather eccentric Dr. Foissant answers the call with dramatic results. Even though his license has been revoked Dr Foissant has been perfecting his techniques and now with the added opportunity to prove his abilities to his peers and seemingly prolong the life of Maria Valdemar indefinitely he eagerly performs his art.

Although unable to physically recover from her illness it appears Maria's hypnotized spirit lives on... but it seems this life is not one of peace but one of purgatory! With a once again desperate Monsieur Valdemar begging his assistance Dr Foissant is now compelled to try to bring Maria from this apparently hellish trance.
But what terrible fate awaits Maria if Dr Foissant succeeds and what terrible fate awaits Dr. Foissant he fails?