Case Dismissed

Case Dismissed

WMAQ in cooperation with the Chicago Bar Association present Case Dismissed the story of your legal life. Each episode is a story of your legal rights and how vital it is to preserve and protect them and how easily they may be lost.

There are 13 episodes of which 12 are available. The episode broadcast 1954.04.03 on Small Business Problems is missing.

Broadcast: 23rd January 1954
Added: Jul 02 2013
Broadcast: 30th January 1954
Added: Jul 05 2013
Broadcast: 6th February 1954
Added: Jul 05 2008
Broadcast: 20th February 1954
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Broadcast: 20th March 1954
Added: Jul 11 2008
Broadcast: 27th March 1954
Starring: Carlton KaDell
Added: Jul 18 2008
Broadcast: 10th April 1954
Added: Jul 25 2008