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Broadcast: January 24, 1944
Added: May 21 2005
Casablanca is a story of love and hate with a background of adventure and sudden death. As the Nazi lash descended upon Europe hoards of refugees fled to the sanctuary of Casablanca in North Africa. Those with money obtained exit visas to Lisbon and then the Americas. Victor Laszlo, Leader of the underground had escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazi’s were after him. He arrives in Casablanca to pay a fabulous price for exit papers to Lisbon, which he was to obtain from Rik Blaine who owns the hottest nightspot in Casablanca. However, Laszlo is not alone, he is with his beautiful wife Isla, Isla the woman whom Blaine had loved and who had walked out suddenly on him with no explanation in Paris. Rik and Isla cannot deny their love for each other.