Cargo Unknown

Cargo Unknown

Broadcast: 12th July 1949
Added: Feb 24 2011

This is an unusual story, a yarn that leaves you doing some serious thinking and a lot of wondering too. Lou Cardone is a man with an aeroplane and ideas. He had been a fighter pilot for eight years in England and finally got relieved after his 75th mission. While attending his plane in its hanger he is approached by Joseph Günter who offers him $20,000 to escort a man who has disagreed with the authorities to Argentina. Cardone does not want to take the job but Günter leaves him with no option. In five days he is ready to leave and is ordered to take an extra passenger Miss Towber. Soon in to the journey the plane runs in to trouble and Cordone is forced to land it on the sea and the three of them are left afloat for days.

Written and Directed by: Elliott Drake