Captured By Roxor

Captured By Roxor

Broadcast: 31st May 1932
Starring: Gayne Whitman
Added: Feb 24 2009

Chandu The Magician was both one of the first great juvenile adventure shows and one of the last. In between the two runs of the series was a gap of twelve years, which meant the first run was pre-war by three years and the second run was post-war by three years.

Frank Chandler known in the secret places of the Far East as Chandu is a man equipped with special skills to help him fight the world’s evil forces with occult powers and a far-reaching crystal ball. He spends most of his time battling the wicked Roxor, the villain that dominates both runs of the series.

Chandu is escapism at its best. It takes the listener to far-flung lands such as Egypt, Monrovia, and Algiers and maintains the magical pace through oriental music and a fast-paced plot. Episodes finish with cliffhanger endings leaving the listener eager to discover what happens next.

All in all, Chandu the Magician is good old-fashioned fun in serialized form.