Captain Carey USA

Captain Carey USA

Broadcast: February 2, 1953
Added: May 27 2013

Charlton Heston stars as Captain Web Carey and Wanda Hendrix reprises her 1950 film role as Julia.

In northern Italy there’s an ancient landmark, a palace built on an island surrounded by a beautiful lake. It the Palazzo Di Cerci and over the centuries it has been the scene of good and evil, of romance and despair. In 1944 when nazi troops were in the village of Belmont the castle was occupied by an old countess and her granddaughter Julia but beneath the castle in a forgotten wine cellar was the headquarters of two American officers, members of the OSS. They had been operating out of there for months organising the Italian partisans but one night they were betrayed and their work ended in a burst of German rifle fire.

Later Back in America and after three years in hospital Carey sees a painting in a gallery window of the Palazzo Di Cerci and knows that the person who betrayed them causing the deaths of two people has sold it. Carey returns to Italy to find that person and to kill him.