Caddy's Diary, A

Caddy's Diary, A

Broadcast: May 27, 1944
Added: Mar 19 2022

A lot of us have engaged caddy's, asked them for advice, conspired with them to make the score card look a little better but have any of us ever stopped to wonder what goes on in the mind of a caddy? Well, Ring Lardner did and he set down the results of his wondering in his story A Caddy's Diary, which begins like this... 

"Wednesday, April 12th, I am 16 of age and am a caddy at the Pleasant View Golf Club but only temporary as I expect soon to land a job somewhere as assistant pro as my game is good enough now to be a pro but am too young looking. My pal Joe Bean also says I have not got enough swell head to make a good pro but suppose that will come in time, Joe's a wise cracker. But first will put down how I come to be writing this diary..."