Bury Your Dead Arizona - Episode 01 of 15

Bury Your Dead Arizona - Episode 01 of 15

Broadcast: 21st November 1949
Starring: Russell Thorson
Added: Jun 13 2001
Episode 1 - Police And Gangsters Are After The Boys
Jack, Doc, and Reggie are escaping from the police and from a group of thugs. They're laying low in a boxcar, but the thugs catch up with them. They hop into another boxcar, where they meet two of the most obnoxious people you'll ever want to meet. The first is a female dancer from one of the provinces near Russia, who constantly threatens to stab them with a knife. Her name is Nasha. The second is even worse: an arrogant magician who is only known as "The Maestro." He constantly brags about how he has powers of the supernatural...