RUSC Radio - 4th July


Broadcast: 15th June 1936
Added: May 18 2010
Backstage at the Burlesque show, playing at a small town in the Mid-West. It is a few minutes after the opening and Lefty Moore, the stage manager is standing in the wings, hurrying the chorus girls onto the stage.

With the same familiarity that J and K follow each other alphabetically speaking, Jolson and Keeler follow the old routines that were so popular in the thirties musical films. Successful burlesque comedian and singer gets a great chance to make it big in New York but has to leave the love of his life behind in a small town show. Ruby Keeler as Bonny Smith gets the opportunity to marry a rich rancher, whilst Jolson as Skid Brown turns from success to drinkā€¦..But I guess you ought to listen to find out what happens.