Brownstone Theater

Brownstone Theater

Mutual’s Brownstone Theater premiered on February 21st 1945 as a nostalgic nod to the many classic Broadway and off-Broadway plays that were often produced in brownstone theaters much like Mutual’s own Longacre Theatre. 

It's first cycle of sixteen, half-hour productions began with an adaptation of Charles Klein’s 1905 sensation, The Lion and The Mouse, which you can listen to on RUSC.

Following a two-week break, the series returned on Sunday evenings with Edward Rose’s 1919 hit Cappy Ricks. Thereafter followed another eleven productions, ending with yet another revival of Richard Sheridan’s timeless comedy The Rivals in September 1945. 

Starring stage icons such as Walter Hampden - who was of course, brilliant - Jackson Beck, Jane Cowl, Les Tremayne, Jan Miner, Gertrude Warner and Neil Hamilton turned in equally inspired performances during the short-lived series. 

There may be 12 episodes of the Brownstone Theatre extant, but we have only six of these. If you have any other than the ones listed we would love you to share them with us.

Broadcast: March 28, 1945
Added: Feb 26 2022