Brother Lost

Brother Lost

Broadcast: 18th October 1959
Starring: John Dehner
Added: Sep 21 2002
As a prelude to the following shows, Have Gun, Will Travel here is an insight into the main character and some background information about the shows, which you’re sure to enjoy. As suggested by the title, Have Gun, Will Travel is a western adventure. The main character is Paladin, a gunfighter wandering in search of adventure. He does the work that others would not or could not do for themselves and although he does them for a price he is still a man with a conscience. His headquarters is the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, where Paladin lives and has a cordial but cool relationship with the Bellhop whom he refers to as Heyboy. In the dictionary a Paladin is a chivalrous person a knight errant and Paladin uses the symbol of a white chess knight on his card announcing his services with the words “Have Gun, Will Travel/Wire Paladin/San Francisco”. He often wines and dines beautiful women in need of his services and presents them with his card. Each show starts with a great opening line, which on their own are enough to leave you wanting more. See for yourself!